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Danielle Minetti, owner

Welcome! I have been working as a pediatric occupational therapist for 7 years. My experience consists of various settings including community-based, early intervention, outpatient clinics, hospital inpatient units, and school-based. I launched Dani-OT while on maternity leave, as a first-time mom. Because why not, I had nothing else to do?! I saw the need of parents and families looking for a therapist that could travel to them, beyond the age of 3 when early intervention ends. Not to mention the flexibility of creating my schedule was very appealing so I could still be there for my family. There is real beauty in not being bound to the parameters of a clinic or having insurance companies dictate how much or little therapy a child needs. I was always drawn to working "outside the box" as cliche as that may sound. I truly want to work with you to see how we can improve your and your child's overall quality of life and independence. 


I graduated from Kean University in Union, New Jersey with my bachelor's in communication studies in 2014. I received my master's in occupational therapy from Kean University in 2016. I completed my internships in a psychiatric hospital and subacute facility. However, there is no denying my heart was always drawn to the pediatric population. After passing my boards, I landed my first job in pediatrics and never looked back. 


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Let's Ride

A specialized program to teach children how to ride a bike without training wheels. 

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Why Choose Dani-OT?

Occupational Therapy 

At home, school or in the community

At Dani-OT, we are fully aware of the complexity of juggling busy (and sometimes multiple) schedules. This can make it difficult to attend weekly sessions at a clinic. We pride ourselves on providing therapy services that come to you. Each session can be customized to fit your child's unique needs. Having trouble on the playground? At school? Let's take our sessions there. Since we are not bound by a clinic, hospital or insurance we have the flexibility to truly work on what is important to you. Contact us to find out more information.


Click on a service below to find out more. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us. If we cannot address your concerns, we will help find someone that can. 

Individual Sessions

Individual therapy sessions for newborns through middle school. Time and frequency are subject to change, based on the needs of each child. 

Group/Sibling Sessions

Group sessions have the flexibility of addressing individual goals within the context of a group. Get siblings or friends to join in on the fun together at a more cost effective rate. 


Schedule a comprehensive evaluation to gain a better understanding of what is getting in the way of your child living to their full potential.

School districts may also use us as an independent contractor to conduct evaluations. 


A consultation is the perfect first step in understanding if OT is right for your child. 

Home exercise program

Have a hectic schedule and unable to attend weekly sessions? Learn more about our individualized home exercise programs to assist your child in reaching their goals. Each program will be modified on a monthly basis to determine if all needs are being met. 


Read what families have to say.
Elena C.

Danielle has been absolutely lovely with my two children since we met a couple of years ago. Fine motor is extremely difficult for my daughter in particular, and Danielle does a wonderful job of motivating her with seasonal and highly preferred activities. I love that she comes to our home with her own plan and materials, yet she also incorporates some personal items of the kids to make sure that skills are transferring from exercise to real life. OT will be a part of our lives for a while, and we are so happy to have the support of this beautiful human!

Mary D.

 I was looking for someone or a company that taught kids how to ride their bike without training wheels. And then I spotted a post on Facebook for a lesson right in town that upcoming weekend. It was impeccable timing. I immediately emailed that I was interested to lock in our spot. From the moment we arrived the instructor was extremely sweet and friendly. My 6 year old son took to her right away, never looked back for us to help. She immediately made him feel safe and comfortable. I didn't have any doubts that this would work, however I was still in awe at how quickly and confidently my son learned to ride his bike without training wheels. This is all because of Danielle. She made it fun, and interesting but most of all she was patient and sweet the entire time. Giving equal time to both kids learning. I would recommend her in an instant to anyone. A few hours later my son took off on his own riding his bike. So proud of him and so very thankful to Danielle for coming to our town to help our kids.

Romeena A.

Danielle has privately worked with our Son providing Occupational Therapy (OT) for about two years (3 to 5 years of age). The experience has been truly rewarding for him. Danielle always comes prepared with a bag of gadgets and activities that our Son loves. So much so, that his younger brother wants OT when he doesn't really need it. She also comes with a bright, cheery, energetic, and positive attitude that our son really needs and misses as soon as she leaves. He's always excited when Miss Danielle is coming, and it just brightens his day when we tell him he has OT. If you have little ones that need OT, then we highly recommend using her services. For reference, our son has low muscle tone, delayed speech with speech apraxia, and Down Syndrome.

Elizabeth G. 

My 8 year old son had completely given up on bike riding after my husband and I had tried to teach him on multiple occasions. He was embarrassed, frustrated, and resigned to never riding a bike. Danielle completely turned him around and had him riding like a pro in two sessions. I was really impressed with how well she dealt with his negativity and had him feeling elated and positive after each session. We are so grateful!

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